San Francisco’s Batkid threw out the first pitch at Giants’ home opener


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! Go Giants! Go Batkid! <3

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Holy first pitch, Batman! This kid has an arm.

The tiniest superhero in the world, Batkid, threw out the first pitch for the San Francisco Giants’ home opener on Tuesday in front of a packed house at AT&T Park.

Batkid is the alter ego of 5-year-old Miles Scott, a kindergartner who is in remission from leukemia. Scott captured America’s attention in 2013 when San Francisco and the Make-A-Wish Foundation threw a massive, daylong celebration for the minuscule masked vigilante.

Batkid Day occurred in November 2013, when San Francisco banded together to make young Scott’s wish come true. Local actors staged crimes in which Batkid was needed to come and save the day, including one scene in which he needed to save Giants mascot, Lou Seal. Mayor Ed Lee gave Batkid the key to the city, and even President Obama recorded a personalized message to the tiny caped crusader.

On Tuesday, Batkid entered the park…

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Do no harm…but take no shit


What happened to the concept of manners and active parenting? I know that I am not the only one who finds the absence of these factors in mainstream society these days. I see it daily, yet I am the asshole for calling it like I see it. I need to be more “sensitive” to the fact that today’s parents, and parents before them are raising or have raised complete and total jerks? Well I take the following stance when it comes to other children and their parents. If you have the right to be ill mannered and offensive, I have the right and will teach my child the proper way to handle folks of this caliber.

Back track to a week ago, in my daughter’s dance class, as this is the complete inspiration for this post. I am sitting on the floor with my back against the wall in the back of the viewing room, as the front bench was full of spectators (no problem). Sitting next to me there is a mother with her 8-9 year old son who is coloring. He starts going knuckle deep digging in his nose, pulling out boogers and wiping them on the carpet next to me. (I have a particular aversion to boogers and snot that do not come from my own nose or my child’s so I am in full on dry heave mode).

His mother propositions him to go get a tissue. He tells her NO and that he will do what he wants. She continues to diplomatically try to get him to go get a tissue by telling him, “Honey germs are spread that way.” All I could think of was, grab that little bastard, take him to the bathroom and make him clear his nose out, then have him wash his hands. Holy hell my 4 year old knows better but better yet, why is this mother propositioning her child to go handle this common task? If he didn’t have it down by this age to know better then like I said, grab the kid and handle it. Are you not the parent??

A second later, a little girl who is sitting on the bench watching the class, as her mother said that she wanted to try dance out let’s out a melodic symphony straight from her anus. Her and her mother laugh hysterically about it. All I can think of is what a pig! What kind of mother of a child teaches her daughter that flatulence on purpose is funny. What ever happened to little girls acting like little ladies and not barn yard animals? My daughter knows that sometimes things “slip out” and in that occurrence an excuse me is used and that goes for flatulence or burping. Again…proper etiquette and manners being ignored and I should have known better that something more was about to happen with the “anal pied piper.”

A few minutes later the girls change their tap shoes and head into ballet class. Little Miss Rudy Tooty heads out to join the class to partake in the class. OF COURSE she decides to find a spot right next to my sweet girl. Before I know it this kid is sitting super close to my daughter, then a couple seconds later she is plain leaning on my daughter who is seated in proper ballerina position, as demanded by their instructor. I let this happen for a few minutes and just watch what she does.

Before I know it A.P.P (Anal pied piper) is between leaning on my daughter and has her hands in her face and is just plain bothering her while my daughter is waiting for her turn to practice her leaps one-on-one with her instructor. Finally my daughter just puts her hands over her face in frustration and I had, had enough.

I jump up and hightail it out to the dance floor as the teacher is focused on the student she is working with. I tell my daughter either 1.) Move if this child is bothering her 2.) Tell her to stop it 3.) If #2 does not work knock this little wench in the face. The little girls next to my daughter look at me alarmed and I look at the little girl and tell her BEHAVE or GET OUT.

I walk back into the parents room and the girls mom, laughing it off said, “oh it’s my daughter’s fault, she’s totally into Frozen right now.”

My response: “I know it’s your child’s fault, my child is into Frozen too but you don’t see her acting like a fool. Perhaps if you got off your ass and parented your kid a complete stranger would not have to do it for you. Next time your child touches mine I have told my child to punch her in the face and if she does, you’ll have to deal with me.” (Complete silence)

I do not feel the least bit remorseful about having to put this little shit and their shit head parent in their place. The reason why we have so many bullies these days is because the kids are allowed to bully and run their parents so why should they take other children’s feelings into consideration. This among many other reasons that I wont get into now. I was never a bully in school. I worked hard and never went looking for trouble, but if trouble came for me I surely knew how to knock it on it’s ass. That is exactly what I am teaching my child… the concept of “Do no harm…but take no shit!”

Bridging the Generational Gap Starts with Patience

What is sometimes left unsaid, in some cases truly speaks volumes more than what is shouted. I must have watched this video a dozen times in this past week. I remember the first time I watched it, wincing when the son flies off the handle and berates his father in such a nasty manner.

It hit me like a ton of bricks immediately bringing back memories where my grandfather would be talking about something that was important to him and an aunt of mine would scream at him in the same manner as in this video. Except there was never any realization on her end of wrong doing, disrespect or fault.

I used to get incredibly angry watching this happen, at times I wanted to rip this person a new backside but my attention always was directed to my Grandfather and his response. He would look at her, seemingly with almost no emotion, shake his head and quit speaking until she was gone or at least out of ear shot. Patience, even at this old age, the patience he would show her was a respect that was unfortunately never returned to him.

I know that as people age, they take on a slower speed and if they are retired and not as active with events or hobbies there is a limit to how much they have to speak about and tend to repeat themselves quite often as a result. My grandfather, towards his last few years did this somewhat frequently but I never interrupted or told him that he had told me already. To him, it was important, and what was important to me, was the time I had to spend with him. I’ll tell you that I would stop and listen to him tell the same story 1,000 times if that meant that I would be able to spend another day or two with him.

My absolute favorite final memory of him was the summer before his demise. My husband and I had him over for dinner to our house, as he was usually alone at night. My step-dad and my young brother-in-law, husband and I sat until almost midnight listening to my Grandpa talk about his childhood, military experiences, you name it, it was covered. No one even had any sense of time, it seemed to stand still. When we finally checked the clock it was past mid-night and that was something unheard of for my Grandpa. He never stayed out past 9 on his best day, because he had to watch the 10 O’clock news and would be in bed by 11, as he was very regimented. I will never forget that night and I know neither my step-dad or husband will either.

Now perhaps I am a bit more enlightened or sensitive than most on this subject because I have already lost three “Parents” in my lifetime (My dad, grandma and grandpa), only being 30 years old, when most people lose their parents much later in life.  I still have my mom and my step-dad, and I hold them very near and dear to my heart, especially when they repeat themselves, because I know someday I will miss those stories like crazy when I cannot simply call them or swing by for a visit.

Something has happened with these remaining generations. The respect for our elders is lacking and in some instances gone altogether. I could never wrap my head around how certain “older” family members regarded my grandparents like they either only existed certain times a year or even worse…like they were inferior to their own child because they were growing older and more fragile. Even through the dismay that I felt for many years for the way that these individuals treated their own parents I find myself feeling sorry for them, because they are the ones who truly missed out on what their parents/older generations had to offer them through their mere stories.

While this video strikes a chord with me and brings back somewhat negative memories, it also serves as a reminder as we all tend to get busy with our lives and simple things like sitting around and socializing in person is truly the most valuable “networking” that we have. Sharing old memories and making new ones with a small group of friends and family that love you through thick and thin instead of sharing “Selfie’s” and berating others views publicly to 500+ acquaintances who really could care less.

While I am one that likes to socialize, period…My favorite social setting is still sitting around a table, on a couch, in the backyard watching the sun set into night around a bonfire and sharing stories of past, present and visions of future with the ones I love most…something that was absolutely instilled in me by the elder generation.

I truly love that phrase that goes something like, “love your parents/grandparents because as you are growing up, they are growing old.” As you grow up the parental roles “somewhat” swap. Your parents become more reliant on you than vice versa and if they afforded you every patience in the world, then by all means you must reciprocate. If they were absent or were not the most patient, than they stand to learn, even in their older age from a better example set by you towards them.

Love, understanding and patience can be taught as easily as reciprocated and you may never get an acknowledgement or thank you, but know that you will thank yourself when you too get to be that age as your conscious will be clear that you projected the same or more love, understanding and patience than you received.


Why can’t we be friends?



Why can’t we be friends, why can’t we be friends, why can’t we be friends, why can’t we be friends? Not just a song by War but a very good question to ask when the need to question whether a friendship is truly valuable to you or not. 

I am not only acknowledging but addressing what I will or will not allow in my life as each year goes by. The perimeters get more and more stringent on what characteristics or personality types I will allow inside my circle. I do not care what you have in terms of money or material possessions. What I do care about is character, honesty, loyalty, common sense & respect.

I think we overlook one major issue when friendships fail and when we go back and look at the details as to why these relationships expired one major detail gets overlooked. Now that I have realized this seemingly small question is so important, and have applied it to past friendships that have gone awry it completely makes sense. 

Ask of yourself, and your friends: What is your definition of a REAL friend? 

If you are anything like me you would say that a true friend is someone who listens to you, gives you advice when asked and does not have an issue telling you that you are suffering from rectal-cranial-inversion. I do not like being lied to, even when someone is trying to “protect me.” Tell me the god honest truth as I can handle it, and I respect you more for doing so. Don’t candy coat shit either. Just come out with it as I would rather be told by a true friend that I have my head up my ass than a complete stranger or be left embarrassed in public. 

In a recent conversation with a “friend.” I felt that she preferred to be surrounded by people who lied to her about their thoughts or feelings towards her directly, despite the fact that they may have expressed their true thoughts and feelings behind her back. This was confirmed in a conversation with me telling her where some of her behavior was inappropriate or not something that I wanted to partake in (gosspping about other “friends” of ours) and her retort was that she felt more comfortable with people who would just listen and be there for her and not give an opinion. The fact that others talked about her behavior/morals, etc behind her back did not seem to bother her, as it seems to be a recurring theme in this interwoven group of “friends.” 

I decided then and there that this difference in opinion about what a true friend really is cannot peacefully co-exist for a long period of time as one side or the other would continuously be conceding on their own values, in my case, it had been me for quite a few years. Somethings are just not worth fighting for if one or both sides is not happy. While I respect her need to be lied to, I just cannot fathom doing that and I personally have grown from the point where we were closest. I do not find the need to discuss people, I would much rather discuss ideas and positive aspects of the past, present and future. I do not need to know what “so & so” is up to or how they are not a “good christian” from the “good christian” talking shit about “so & so.” 

I have been acquainted with quite a few individuals during a period of my life where I was at my personally lowest achievement and morale wise. Most of these individuals have been weeded out and only a couple remained, but due to the pure length of time I knew them it was harder to dismiss and easier to make rationalizations as to why we should try to make it work…but “trying” should not be one sided and where values and morals are concerned, if they do not coincide the relationship has no hope of lasting long term. 

While I truly wish these folks the best, I cannot lend myself to a cyclone of negativity and drama. Folks like this who steady live in the past and cannot see past the present will never understand a future thinking person like myself. There will always be insecure feelings between “the have’s” and “have not’s.”  The “have’s” wondering if they are being taken advantage of by the “have not’s.” The “Have not’s” with insecure feelings of being inferior, which always leads to resentment. Resentment leads to ill mannered behavior and if you are like me, and ill mannered behavior is presented to or at you, you will smack it down as you have not the time for immature, classless behavior. The only viable solution is to wish them well and move on with your own path, as no matter how much you wish it were so, forward thinking people are always on the precipice of expansion and those who are not on your path, may as well be on a completely different planet. You will never see eye to eye. 



It is what it is… C’est la vie!


Human nature…perplexes me. Obviously, since a huge portion of what I write about tends to be about the questionable behavior of simpletons. A lot of our behavior stems from how we were raised, our sense of self (however accurate, inflated or off base) and how both disappointing as well as positive experiences in our lives have molded us. I am a human, do not claim to be anything more than that and what I write about are pure musings, judgment is usually reserved unless otherwise noted. If you choose to take offense to anything that I write, well perhaps if that shoe fits then you should lace that bitch up and wear it, that’s the way I see it.

Most people tend to feel like we need to walk on egg shells, as to not offend anyone. Me, well my philosophy is live and let live and if you do not like what I have to say, tune out. If I do not like what people bring to my life (usually negativity) I do not make excuses or apologies for not allowing them to stay. A simple and plain, we just don’t mesh works fine for me. I do not wish them ill will but I know certain types of individuals are toxic and bring out a toxicity in me that I clearly cannot allow in my life. Regardless if they are family or not. Too many folks stay in the picture because they are curious about me and my life, feel like they have something to gain from me or exploit in me or want to have something to talk about when they are bored with their own simple existence.

People who are simple minded and/or bored will spend their times talking about other people and their lives. Why? Because obviously they do not have enough, or do not care enough about what is going on in their own lives to give it their full attention. Being the type of person that I am, I do not understand this concept as I am an all or nothing type of person. I do not “dabble” in anything. I either devote myself 100% or not at all and that is in every aspect of my life ranging from family, friends and business.

Where I am the most misunderstood lies in those who do not get this “all or nothing” concept. I am not saying that the way I am is the only way to be. What I am saying is that is who I am for better or worse and if you as a person have any hope of becoming better on any level then you have to have the ability to evaluate your vices, stare them in the face and actually WORK on them.

Acknowledgement is not enough, you have to go the extra step and physically and mentally catch yourself in the middle and hopefully before these vices arise, so that you can find ways to work around them. Otherwise, just plain quit because you really do not want to make a change. Be who you are but don’t make excuses for it. You get more respect if you at least own who you are in my book.

Hiding behind a veil of “faith” does not make you a better person either. Who you have been and who you are becoming is NOT just in god’s hands. God cannot do anything for you physically. It is my belief that your faith helps give you the strength to conquer your demons but will absolutely not do it for you. Those who use their faith to cover who they are, or past indiscretions are not actually acknowledging anything and therefore will not change their behavior, merely suppress it under the veil of supposed faith. Funnily enough though, in speaking about human nature, it is usually these types who feel the need to judge others and their behavior more freely. They are so easily offended and outraged by someone who has no issue calling someone out on their issues, quick to call them “negative” for speaking the truth. I truly believe that if you do not want people to find out you did something, don’t do it. If you can’t take back what you’ve done in the past, make your peace with it and move on because judging others for their sins does not rid you of yours.

I love that phrase, “The truth shall set you free, but first it’ll piss you off.” Too bad people never get past the pissed off part enough to realize where their anger comes from, face it and eventually free themselves. Choosing to partake in the lives of such people is like watching a soap opera, pointless…you know that nothing is going to come along that will make these people see reason. They are going to keep on the same path running from one pointless drama to the next.. in which they are always the victim.

I used to subscribe to these drama channels because I thought it made me feel so much better about my life in comparison to these simple individuals. It was cheap titillation. When I finally realized that even subscribing to this channel said something about who I was and that even being a “spectator” usually led to participation I had to cancel the subscription completely realizing that I didn’t need to compare my life with those less fortunate in the common sense area to feel better about mine. That mine was actually pretty amazing with who I chose to share it with, and when I actually stopped those drama subscriptions doors were actually opened to me the entire time, I had just been too distracted by the train wreck I was watching to notice.

What you physically do and what you allow in your life says a lot about who you are. It is not terrible to have expectations set for those who you chose to allow in your life. My guideline is that if they bring out the best in you, they stay. If they bring negativity and stress to you…they need to be sent packing. Life is too short to spend time trying to make two different puzzle pieces fit if they are cut from different materials and have no complementary characteristics.

He Keeps My Crazy Sane


Nobody is perfect. Least of all me or my husband for that matter. God knows we have been to hell and back together, how could we not? Together since ages 17 and 19. Not such an easy age to make “forever” work. Going through our late teens and early 20′s working our way through school and being parents to someone else’s child is more than I would have ever intended to take on as a mere kid myself.

Looking back now a lot of things I would have done again, and twice on Sunday. I would have made a lot more omissions to aiding others where our “families” and some “friends” were concerned but hindsight it 20/20 and the least I can say is that despite the toxicity that came with these individuals it may have tested our bonds but never broke them.

I do not think that I could find someone who knows me better than him, and better yet, could put up with array of obsessive compulsive, perfectionist, 1,000 mile a minute thinking that IS me. To me it is almost like fate that we found each other. He is strong where I am weak and vice versa yet, we both have the same weakness that makes us both so vulnerable. Our biggest struggle to keep balanced, involvement with our families.

We are the exact same person in our family’s. Both the responsible, dependable, level-headed children to parents who have collectively experienced crippling loss before our births. Leaving us to be a crutch, shoulder to cry on and pretty much alone to deal with anything life has thrown at us, until we met each other.

Despite all the disappointment and hurt we have experienced with our families, I would much rather view it from the point of view that we gained something from those upbringings. We are a team, sometimes one carries much more of the load than the other, but somehow we make it level out. Our world revolves around our bond together and our bond with our daughter.

Perfect??? Sheeesh…no way in hell. Perfect for each other? I think so. While he drives me crazy himself, he somehow “Keeps my crazy sane.”

On Valentine’s Day, and every other day of the year…”you make it look so easy,”


I Hold On

"I Hold On"

“I Hold On”

They say that life is literally a balancing act. A delicate balance between holding on, and letting go.

Now, I am one of those people who lives their lives through music. Music is what keeps me centered. When my husband and I were dating he used to make fun of me laughing at the fact that I literally had burned CD’s in a case that were playlists by genre but that I also had burned CD’s that held songs of different genre’s that I listed to when I was feeling a certain way or in need of changing my mood…like a CD full of songs that made me happy, or motivated for instance.

Nothing has changed, here we are 14 years later and my reliance on music as therapy continues. I don’t know about anyone else, but driving by myself, singing along with my blaring car stereo can take a difficult day and turn it completely around. I find that music and particularly lyrics speak to us so much because they are relatable and we find solace in the fact that someone has felt what we have, and put into words that we can sing ourselves. The list of songs that I could “relate” to would go on forever. The song of particular importance to me today is Dierks Bentley’s, “I Hold On.”

In his song he talks about how people think that now that he has made some money that he should trade up his old beat up truck for something newer. He tells how there is an underlying story as to why he keeps that truck, that it is a piece of a bond once shared with his father, who is no longer living, so he holds onto that truck.

As weird as it may sound, my desk chair, that I have literally built my business sitting in is not all that attractive to look at. My husband has been telling me for a couple of years now that I should get a new one, and so a few weeks ago I did. He put it together and there it sits, on the front side of my desk, not behind it. Behind my desk still sits the chair that I built my business in. It belonged to my grandfather, who if you have read my past blogs you know as one of the major motivators in my life.

My office is literally a combination of remnants of him and a shrine to my daughter, who is the center of my world. Aside from a wall storage unit that was once my grandfathers and the urn that holds his remains the chair is one of the last things that really were his.

The left arm rest has a tear in it. The suede is worn in places, so it has a darker discoloration in various pressure points. Here sits this brand new leather executive chair, it has been sitting there staring at me for over 3 weeks and I haven’t even sat in it yet. Suddenly the need for a new chair does not seem so important, so I may just hold onto mine for a while longer and let my husband use the new one when he works in the office with me.

“To the things, I believe in. My faith, your love, our freedom. To the things I can count on to keep me going strong…I Hold On.” -Dierks Bentley

To these things in which he refers, I hold onto as well. I hold on to my foundation, my values, only to the family and friends who add to my life instead of detract from it, and of course the two biggest supports in life, my husband and daughter.

I am sure the day will come when I can learn to part with things like the chair, but today is just not that day.


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